Urgent Bulletin from the Man Who Went 119-0!

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Outrageous tax hikes… debt writeoffs… moratoriums… and B.S. handouts. Now there’s a SCIENTIFIC way to claw back your money – starting TODAY!

Urgent Bulletin from the Man Who Went 119-0!


Hi, my name is Tim Melvin.


I’m sick and tired of watching MILLIONS of Americans get suckered into losing investments.


So now, with a whole load of new tax hikes and giveaways coming our way…


I’m taking a stand against both Wall Street and Washington shenanigans…


I’m unveiling one of the most important projects of my career.


Luckily for you, there’s a SCIENTIFIC way to claw back your money with a time-honored method that can churn out up to 44 x the money you’re used to making.


My proprietary “Smart Money Multiplier” engine takes all the guesswork out of buying and selling stocks… allowing me to hit the bulls-eye almost every time.


Like the time I famously used it to place 119 trades in the banking sector – and hit the jackpot by winning every single one.


That’s right. I was UNDEFEATED.





I Didn’t Take a Loss on a Single Trade

My Average Gain was 70%.


And I did it without getting a GED, BS, MS, MBA, PhD, or any other useless degree.


All I needed were my street smarts and a powerful secret strategy that I’m going to share today, for the first– and probably only time ever.


It’s a secret that has made me more effective at making money than anyone else in the country outside of maybe Warren Buffett.


In fact, I’ve been using this proprietary investment strategy for almost 35 years now… and I can tell you it has the power to potentially turn every dollar you’ve saved into a whopping $44


Now I’ll show you how to harness this secret strategy to maximize your profit potential and minimize your risk — no matter what the bimbos in Washington and the con men on Wall Street have planned for you next.


NOTHING is more effective at making big money than MY PROPRIETARY STOCK-PICKING ENGINE….


Not momentum investing…  Not technical investing… Not bond trading… Not after-hours trading… Not weekend trading… Not short selling…



And get this…

Out of roughly 7,500 publicly listed stocks out there…

ONLY about 12 quality stocks are worth considering at any given time!

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