Savviest Wall Street Investors Are Turning to An Unusual Source


The Savviest Wall Street Investors Are Turning to An Unusual Source.

Tim Melvin Trader

Hi, my name is Tim Melvin.

You may not have heard of me, but for the last 35 years I’ve dedicated my life to finding under-the-radar stocks that no one else seems to be talking about.

I’m thrilled to say my proprietary “Smart Money Multiplier” engine takes all the guesswork out of buying and selling stocks… allowing me to hit the bulls-eye almost every time.

Like the time I famously placed 119 trades in the banking sector – and hit the jackpot by winning every single one.

That’s right. I was UNDEFEATED.


✓ I Didn’t Take a Loss on a Single Trade
✓ My Average Gain was 70%.

And I did it without getting a GED, BS, MS, MBA, PhD, or any other useless degree.

All I needed were my street smarts and a very powerful secret that I’m going to share today, for the first– and probably only time ever.

It’s a secret that has made me more effective at making money than anyone else in the country outside of maybe Warren Buffett.

Why am I doing it? Because I can’t read a single article, blog or post online without being bombarded with bad information, spewed from the mouths of bad analysts, bad forecasters and bad journalists.

Call me a grump, but it makes me nauseous. So I’m taking a stand…

Today I’ll show you a time-honored strategy that can help power your personal portfolio ahead in the face of higher inflation, taxes, and consumer prices.


In fact, I’ve been using this proprietary investment strategy for almost 35 years now… and I can tell you it has the power to potentially turn every dollar you’ve saved into a whopping $44

And get this…

Out of roughly 7,500 publicly listed stocks out there…

ONLY about 12 stocks make the cut any given time!

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